Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Family For Breakfast

Hash.... yummmm.  For me it is the taste of my childhood, of breakfasts and camping, of early mornings and family.  For more reasons than one for us hash means family.  If you have never had it it is a crazy fried mix of meats and vegetables.  You can put anything you want in a hash the more the merrier just like in our family.  This is the hash I made this morning:

Step one

Start by gathering your favorite vegetables along with your favourite breakfast meat.  I like root veggies because they hold up well durring the frying process.

Here is what I chose
yellow onion
red pepper
frozen corn
farmer sausage
and green onion for a garnish

Step 2

Dice your meat and all of your veggies into uniform(ish) bits.

Step 3

Heat cooking oil in a frying pan (I am a canola kind of girl but any oil works and if you choose bacon for your meat you can use use the fat).

Step 4

Start your meat and onion first and then add any root
 veggies when these are almost done add the rest of your veggies.  Fry until everything is cooked to your liking and add salt and pepper to taste.  Dish onto plates and add garnish.


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