Friday, March 23, 2012

Turn Off The Tap

This is part two of my adventure blog searies with my two wonderful nieces Missy J and Big D.

Today we took a short day trip to see some of the local sights including a waterfall.

 We had a blast but the best part was when Missy J charged ahead saying "I have to turn off the tap the park is closed and they left it running!"

xoxox Andra :)

Three girls a boat and a baby!

So... here we go.  I was soooooooo lucky to have my two nieces come and stay with me over spring break and this is the first blog of our adventure. 
I had to cross the ocean to pick them up.  Not that you can tell but those grey/black dots in the water are porpoises.
This is me my little Tasty Tot, Missy J and Big D with our tickets.
this is us at the departures ready to go!!!!

i just had a quick minute to hug my cakey sister!
missy J overcame her fear of boats

the ride was fun....

...but long

little tasty tot was happy the whole way

the ride is done (finally)


 Shopping with that guy I married.
Me"Need this spray paint"
Him "What are you going to paint?"
Me"something pink"

Being I am NOT one to make extra waste for the earth and there for if it still works I still keep on using it. This eye sore is a piece of proof. I could replace this for  a few $  but, why???
First please forgive the side ways photos the site is not helpful today. Here is my very old step stool. I think in fact I retained  it from my parents garage. I do use this every day beside the tub to sit on while I bath my baby.

Anyways you can see it is not pretty but, it still works like a hot damn  after 10 + years of use so, I thought hey why not?

I have never tried to spray paint plastic before but, I hear you can so I first primed it out. ( Again sorry for the side ways photos. It is making me super cranky)

PINK I will let you know if the paint stays put on the plastic or not.  
oxox Joy

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today You are 10!!!! You are the one that started it all for me. I have learned more for you than anyone.
You are the person I could only wish to be.

I hope you know how strong you are. When times are hard on you, you find a way to smile with all you got.
You are growing from child to a woman way to fast for me.  The last ten years You have shared with me just how colourful a soul can be.

Thank you for your  laughter, song, "randoms" and friendship.

 And THANK YOU for this face!!!! I could NOT do this life without you kid. I am VERY PROUD to be your MOM!!!

 Happy Birthday.