Friday, March 23, 2012


 Shopping with that guy I married.
Me"Need this spray paint"
Him "What are you going to paint?"
Me"something pink"

Being I am NOT one to make extra waste for the earth and there for if it still works I still keep on using it. This eye sore is a piece of proof. I could replace this for  a few $  but, why???
First please forgive the side ways photos the site is not helpful today. Here is my very old step stool. I think in fact I retained  it from my parents garage. I do use this every day beside the tub to sit on while I bath my baby.

Anyways you can see it is not pretty but, it still works like a hot damn  after 10 + years of use so, I thought hey why not?

I have never tried to spray paint plastic before but, I hear you can so I first primed it out. ( Again sorry for the side ways photos. It is making me super cranky)

PINK I will let you know if the paint stays put on the plastic or not.  
oxox Joy

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