Monday, February 20, 2012

Ok Rachel Maybe You Win!!!

The debate as to the hottest/prettiest/nicest/smartest/best cook/best artist/coolest mom/rockiness wife and the likes continue from day to day with my sisters and I.
But as I was looking over photos,I came to the conclusion  that Rachel  must be SOOOO  stinkin irresistible that I cant stop kissing her.
For some reason she looks as if she is not  completely thrilled to have me kissing her.
and this one I think she either is trying not to laugh or sneeze or maybe she ate a lemon( I dont think it is a face formed in pain from my kiss)..... but I am still unsure.
At first Rachie looks OK with me kissing her on her wedding day but, soon she was like "YIKES GET HER OFF ME"so ok Rachel maybe you are the hottest but, just remember you did not "married in the hottest spouse" xoxxoxo Joy

PS I am still Mom's favorite.

OOooOO A Three Way?????? 
 thats right I'm blogging on our thee way blog, and I'm on three way calling with my sisters....did I mention they are older, and therefore meaner than me! 
 apparently they also think OLD s the new HOT!
this is me being younger...and hotter hahahaha

HAHAHAH! so we thought about pod casting on our three ways, but then we decided our husbands, children, friends and in laws would hate us and we would have to live together, and we'd probably KILL eachother....Well I think I might kill them if I have have to live with them HAHAHAHA.

Rachie...the youngest and hottest xoxoxoxox 
PS I still love them....even though they are mean;)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paint or die

My sister in law Rachel (aka Rachie-Missy-Miss-Cake )mops walls when her mind is running to places she forbids it to go. I however create stuff on days my brain misbehaves . Sometimes I create art, sometimes I cook.  Today I was in a mind bending stress over a dear friend and this is what came of it.
All the kids helped me out a bit. Can you see Baby D's foot print in the there a few times???
and we did a few more of just her feet ( after all she was painty already so why not!!!)
This was before I decided on the quote I wanted to use on the Blue. Not to sure what to do with the  Pink yet. Any ideas??? good Quote maybe????                                       OXooOOXooOX Joy