Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Days Drag On But ,The Years Fly By

<p>&lt;p&gt;&amp;lt;p&amp;gt;We have had 4 birthdays in our house in the past 6 Weeks.   That guy I married was the first of the bunch. He asked for the same thing as he asks for each year....dinner at home. The kids made him banana cream pie  themselves for the first time and it was perfect.&nbsp; <

      Next up was Missy Queen Bee big D turning the BIG ten. She, however wanted more than a dinner at home. She wanted a PARTY!!!!of course.  This is just a tiny peek at the day in question because I cant seem to find the other photos. Blurg. Anyways can you guess the theme????
Nice hat right????  It was made to order from her Grammy.

chocolate peanut butter nest!!!! yum
Missy Big D and Missy Miss J made these dudes for over the table during the party but, we loved them so much that now they hang in the girls room.

many little owl cakes were made by the 10 beautful party guest.This one was mine.hahaha he was a funny little fellow.

The girls made feather earrings. PRETTY

A super cool friend had her grama make D the super cool hat seen Here.
     Missy miss D and her BFF.

We whipped up a batch of Kool-Aid lipgloss for the sake of a good time.Here is the how to. The gals at the party wanted it to be RED so we used about 1 cup jelly to 3 kool-Aid packs
and lets not forget, this little guy joined the party to!               Food was eaten,drinks were drunk ,dances were danced and then it was time to head into One Sons 6th birthday. will post him next so keep watching.