Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hash In Joy Flavours

Hey~hey Andra, your Hash post made me want to make Hash.
Your post also made me be wishing that I was at your house for breakfast or coffee or even washing your dishes( I miss you that much little sister)
Anyway since I cant stop in and have you cook for me, I made Hash for my family.I did it my own style so I thought I would post.
First I got this toothless girl to help me wash peel and chop a large pot of potatoes. Missy Miss J loves to help in the kitchen so, it was not child labour punishment.

Boil potatoes until tender but not mushy  
When potatoes were boiled I drained them and tossed them with oil, cornflour, cornmeal ,Panko crumbs and seasoning salt.
Next I Place them on a baking sheet under a hot broiler. 
 While I browned up the potatoes,I prepared my toppings.  Being that this is Joy flavour Hash, I topped with my most fav flavours
Black olives,cheese,tomatoes, avocados,and salsa.
but of course make it your own fav topping combo.  
This Boy is my top fav boy ever  and he is not a fan of my fav toppings so.... ....
for him  I chopped up leftover ham.
when the potatoes are Browned
 I made up two trays ( I topped like so for  HAM LOVING son)
 and I topped like so for tray number 2.
 We all ate so much I thing I can get out of making lunch today!!!
Ok Rachel next time you make a hash Breakfast, we want a post Rachie style.


Friday, February 17, 2012

left over to "new overs"

everyone knows how sucky it is to make a meal, and to be left withto little left overs for a meal! this is why I like to keep some homemade pizza dough in the freezer ( you can stuff anything in some dough and and make " new overs").
1tablespoon active dry yeast
1 1/2 cups warm water
3 1/2 cups flour
1 talble spoon olive oil
2 table spoons sugar
-what ever spices you like, plus some salt:)
so this is how I do it, I put the yeast and sugar in a bowl and then add the water, then I let it sit, in another bowl I mix all the rest and make a well, pour my dry ingredients  in and knead  the tar out of it! now I use what I need and pack the rest in the freezer, if you take a pack outand put it in the fridge over nihgt its good to use the next  afternoon, I usually take it out in the morning and leave it on the counter, and its good for the afternoon.

the other day I made new overs with left over pulled pork, and homemade mac n' cheese...a little ranch too:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Story of the Sourdough Master Mommy

One apon a time I was intimidated by sourdough bread starter. It made me get all nervous and talk too much. I thought that sourdough starter was a nature growing yeast bread of queens,Gods,and game show host.
I harvested all my courage.
I put my big girl panties on.
I made starter.
I made bread.
I over came my fears
I became a Bread-Wizard-Ninja-Master-Mommy.
Here is how.                    
                                                        Good luck and God Speed.

 OK are you ready to brave it all???? OK ready...go~~ stir 4 tablespoons flour with 4 tablespoons water. Yes that is it flour,water in a dish. ( now if you HATE  waiting as I do, feel free to add a pinch of yeast to help the growing get a going) but do NOT tell your ninja bread friends because,they will look down on you in shame, as they should. I however will confess to adding the pinch of yeast because I dont care if people look down on me,ninja or other wise. Anyways that same night before bed add 2 more spoons of each water and flour. You kinda are aiming for pancake batter thickness. Over the next days or week  keep adding half amounts of flour and water one time per day. 

Ok you should be seeing some crazy bubbles and smelling the "sourness" that is good news.The clear stuff you see on top is the hooch.  I just stir it in most of the time. Sometimes I end up with loads of hooch and I drain it off but,that's up to you. Still trying to find out more about drinking the hooch but,so far I found that YES it is Alcohol and YES you can drink it. Many people in the past drank the bread hooch  all the time(waste not)  but I hear it taste like death and gives you a hangover,so for now I just stir it in or drain it off. If I come up with a recipe for liqueur made with sourdough hooch I will update for sure!!!

 Now if you have a cool stone bread oven  dish like me, than we can be twins and that will be rad and I will share my bread with you and you will never need to make your own. If you don't  have the same cool stone bread oven like me you can still be rad but,you will have to make your own  bread (sorry) anyways pizza stone or bread dish is going to do the job as well.          

    Ok jumping back when you have 3-4 cups of "sour" starter 7-12 days take out 2 cups of starter and feed back in to the container 1 cup water and 1 cup flour.

Now if you have a standmixer pour the 2 cups of starter you removed in to the mixer bowl. If you dont have a standmixer than well.... I am sorry for you,but never fear you can knead it the old school way.
Add 1/4 cup olive oil and 2ish cups flour. If its too dry go light on the flour if it ends up too sticky add water,you know the drill. Knead for 5-8 min then let rise over night.
In the morning Press the dough lightly ( I know you wont want to flatten the dough you waited all night to rise cause,I hate that part to but, rules are rules) form loaf. This is the fun part~~ cut the shape on top and sprinkle seeds,corn meal, nuts or whatever makes your skirt fly up. I have cornmeal ,poppy, sesame and flax seeds on this loaf cause thats what makes my skirt fly up.
 In a oiled  dish or oiled rad stone bread oven dish Let your loaf shaped dough ball rise for 30 mins again. Then at long last!!! and it has been long......I know even writing this has been long....but at long last.BAKE@400 degrees for 45-55 mins.
Just keep your starter fed. If you keep enough starter going you can make up the dough to rise each night and make a fresh loaf of each morning.                   Now you My friend have the power to rise above your fears and make sourdough bread.!!!!Be Like me The Mother-Ninja-Bread-Star-Artist-Wizard.                    XOoOXoOXoJoy

Little bits of LOVE

Another Valentines just passed. Here is my recap of the holiday of love 2012 ( it plays out much the same each year)

Make 5 dozen pink heart shaped sugar cookies for the school bake sale ~~~check

Help kids make homemade cards for every kid in class, yes even the mean kids.~~~~~~~check
{ To The mean kids we give sucky cards with poems like" Dear William you smell better than my bathroom,please be my valentine" and " Hi Spencer... Yep just hi" (  Yes,these are true quotes)}

Make treats for class parties~~~~check
{Missy J and One Son made dipped marshmallows all themselves.
They put an apple inside a coffee mug then, pushed those skewers of chocolate marshmallows into the apple as the stand. Those kidos dipped and skewered a good 80 or more in 3 minutes flat

Accompany 4 dates to the Valentines dance~~~ check
{ Of course when arriving on my date I must promptly hand out money and hold coats. Oh And I just wanted to note only Little Miss Baby D was the only "date" that would dance with me( no surprise there)}ps. she was the star of the dance

Make Valentines mail box for school desk~~~ check
{missy Big D was the only" homework" mail box this year. Mr foxy boxy turned out super cute}She got the inspiration from this link here  If you want to make 1 or 5!!! She did not print the tracer and what not just free handed it but that is up to you.

Hubby buys me some sort of gadget for
{ nope not flowers or jewelry}

Spend day with the loves of my life.~~~~ check
{ not even the smallest bit romantic, but full of love just the same.}

Missy Miss Big D made this for me and tossed in a "upside down MOM spells WOW"

It kills me that one day this boy will have a Valentine other than me!

Missy Baby D Loves Mommy most!!!
Missy Miss J has the BIGGEST heart of anyone I have ever known.The world could use a lot of her!!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Family For Breakfast

Hash.... yummmm.  For me it is the taste of my childhood, of breakfasts and camping, of early mornings and family.  For more reasons than one for us hash means family.  If you have never had it it is a crazy fried mix of meats and vegetables.  You can put anything you want in a hash the more the merrier just like in our family.  This is the hash I made this morning:

Step one

Start by gathering your favorite vegetables along with your favourite breakfast meat.  I like root veggies because they hold up well durring the frying process.

Here is what I chose
yellow onion
red pepper
frozen corn
farmer sausage
and green onion for a garnish

Step 2

Dice your meat and all of your veggies into uniform(ish) bits.

Step 3

Heat cooking oil in a frying pan (I am a canola kind of girl but any oil works and if you choose bacon for your meat you can use use the fat).

Step 4

Start your meat and onion first and then add any root
 veggies when these are almost done add the rest of your veggies.  Fry until everything is cooked to your liking and add salt and pepper to taste.  Dish onto plates and add garnish.