Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little bits of LOVE

Another Valentines just passed. Here is my recap of the holiday of love 2012 ( it plays out much the same each year)

Make 5 dozen pink heart shaped sugar cookies for the school bake sale ~~~check

Help kids make homemade cards for every kid in class, yes even the mean kids.~~~~~~~check
{ To The mean kids we give sucky cards with poems like" Dear William you smell better than my bathroom,please be my valentine" and " Hi Spencer... Yep just hi" (  Yes,these are true quotes)}

Make treats for class parties~~~~check
{Missy J and One Son made dipped marshmallows all themselves.
They put an apple inside a coffee mug then, pushed those skewers of chocolate marshmallows into the apple as the stand. Those kidos dipped and skewered a good 80 or more in 3 minutes flat

Accompany 4 dates to the Valentines dance~~~ check
{ Of course when arriving on my date I must promptly hand out money and hold coats. Oh And I just wanted to note only Little Miss Baby D was the only "date" that would dance with me( no surprise there)}ps. she was the star of the dance

Make Valentines mail box for school desk~~~ check
{missy Big D was the only" homework" mail box this year. Mr foxy boxy turned out super cute}She got the inspiration from this link here  If you want to make 1 or 5!!! She did not print the tracer and what not just free handed it but that is up to you.

Hubby buys me some sort of gadget for
{ nope not flowers or jewelry}

Spend day with the loves of my life.~~~~ check
{ not even the smallest bit romantic, but full of love just the same.}

Missy Miss Big D made this for me and tossed in a "upside down MOM spells WOW"

It kills me that one day this boy will have a Valentine other than me!

Missy Baby D Loves Mommy most!!!
Missy Miss J has the BIGGEST heart of anyone I have ever known.The world could use a lot of her!!!


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