Monday, January 30, 2012

Fake Food Icing

In our family we LOVE to PARTY. 
In our family PARTY= FOOD.  
In our family no PARTY would be complete without CAKE!!!

          That being said,my kids cant go to a school party empty handed on party day. Therefore by default  I must prepare 77 cupcake  spread between the 3 classrooms of kids. Every Halloween,Valentines,100s day and so on , I get talked into baking. But that's not enough,I must add cupcake for teachers as well.                      
Please take my word of advice ALWAYS add a minimum of 2 back up cupcakes per class.
( God forbid a kid drops one or, the sick kid sneezes on his friends cupcake and all stink breaks out)  
Anyhow  you see my point here....... Yep a stink load of cupcake.  
        The above would not be enough cupcakes in my life because........... well I am going to eat at lest 4 and that requires me to let everyone else in the house eat 4 as well.

     Ok kids,  lets do the math shall we.

school kids+ fall back+teacher+ cupcake x per # of  family members=

                                     77+6+3 (4x6)=
                            86        (24)=
     That is a whopping       110 cupcakes!!!!!

Being that I am not as coupon wise as my Sister Andra, butter and cream cheese icing  to top 110 cupcakes makes my purse sad. 

Here is my affordable FAKE FOOD icing recipe. It  tastes WAY better than the caned icing and costs less.
I know we are not about eating fake food but, really I dont expect my cupcakes to be healthy anyways.
Fake butter(margarine)
Fake Vanilla(artificial)   
Fake colour(food colouring)
Over processed powdered sugar(icing sugar)


Fake butter(margarine)
cold leftover coffee or (instant coffee)
over processed powdered sugar(icing sugar)


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