Monday, January 30, 2012

This is the first, by the last!

   Hi! Sooo this is my first blog entry EVER! I feel so behind on the times:P. I guess I should start by telling you who I am: My name is Rach and I’m the youngest of five, I live in northern Alberta with my two girls (D-7years and M-4 years),  B, my hubby<3, and Mr. Dayton, our Doggy. Sometimes I just wish I could take a vacation from my mind.... but I can’t so I repeatedly wash my walls, and disinfect my door knobs (not cause I’m a clean freak...just so I don’t have a nervous breakdown lol). Thank gawd I don’t feel like this often, or I wouldn’t have any paint on my walls! Most of the time I am singing, dancing, drawing, reading, or cuddling my girls! I love cooking, and having company over, or making appys and having a nice movie night with B (our favs are horror and comedy)... While I do all these thing I usually have my youngest attached to my leg, and the phone attached to my ear lol (usually with my sisters).
I’ll write more later,
PS. I love facebook fights!

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  1. I'm pretty fond of a good facebook fight myself :)