Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Short List Of What We Have Been Creating These Days

Owls in the Rain                 by Joy
One Sons pop art style bird house.

I made this bag dispenser and note paper out of.....
this MESS.

A table FULL of Easter!!!
Sadly my shoe got painted.....insert bad word and cry

Cutie little garden fence( almost ready to plant some veggies)
Paint Paint Paint
 I had One Son start me off but,sadly again my plans failed. So I turned graffiti into action but it was a FAIL as well. But fear not I will white wash and start again.     Ps this was the same day I dumped paint in my shoe and then Dog laid in the paint puddle. It was NOT meant to be an art day.

The before ugly jewelry box

The after. Now a barbie closet.
because My Son loves forts

doodle doodle doodle

I started knitting old T-shirts and sheets

Missy Miss Big D's Love tree/ hands full of hearts.Not sure its name but I am a fan of it.

Missy Miss J's "chick with hair" she created at Brownies

D learning to knit, made her self a tiny necklace.

Missy J made something CHOCOLATE.

and The fort-loving-boy  snap a photo of his blanket fort.

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